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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finding Our Way to the New Normal

We (my sun tanned feet man and I) are living a "new normal".  It's not the first time we've found ourselves in this somewhat uneasy growing place.  Just off the top of my head, here's our top 5 list:

1. Getting married
2. Moving to a new state
3. Bringing children into our family
4. Sending our children off to college - Empty Nesting
5. Receiving an unwanted medical diagnosis

Sun Tanned Feet Man

All of the above scenarios created a "new normal" for us, and required adjustment to some or all aspects of our daily lives.  In fact, another name for "new normal" is "change"!  

The word "change" is not as inspirational as "new normal".  In my experience, there's a fairly large percentage of the human population which does not embrace the idea of change as a positive. 

 Looking at my top 5 list, I recognize some of these were welcome and exciting - getting married and having children.  Some brought a mixture of welcome and dread - moving to a new state and sending our children off to college.

But this last one, the most recent, has been anything but welcome.  No one wants to hear from a doctor, "You have..." and no one wants to find out that major medications are likely to be their "new normal".

And yet, it happened for my STFM, "You have Parkinson's".  For several years now the tremor has worsened and simple tasks of dexterity, like removing his wallet from his back pocket, have become increasingly difficult.  

We wanted a different answer.  Many doctor visits, many tests, specialists, traditional medicine and some less traditional caregivers have been consulted over the last four years or so.

Finally, though, there is a consensus and an acceptance is coming.
I pray we are not in resignation.
We are not defeated.
We believe Jesus is Healer.
We believe with God ALL things are possible!

We haven't lost the dip!

I pray we are in acceptance.
We are accepting this is the path our good Father is allowing us to walk.
We are accepting Father has a plan to glorify Himself and mature us in faith.
We are accepting our "new normal" as a pathway to encouraging and serving others.

Our race is not nearly finished and there's plenty of life yet to be lived...abundantly.
So, we choose to take up our cross and carry it on...
to the finish line.

Sun Tanned Feet

Please pray with me for my Sun Tanned Feet Man, the one I love...
Lord, Jesus, please use the medication You have provided to bring relief and restore function to Your son's body.  May he be so improved through Your care and provision of medical professionals, he will say to me, "Why didn't you make me do this years ago?"

And Jesus, grow me up in tenderness and care and patience and selflessness.
May I represent you well in love and mercy...for Your glory!
May we overcome as You have promised by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!

Most everyone I know is facing some type of new normal.
So many share this path with us...
What about you, friend?
Have you experienced a "new normal" lately?
Is the adjustment a struggle?
May I pray for you too?

Blessings of GREAT JOY on your amazing journey with Jesus!