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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Introducing - Dr. Thomas Mahon * Mountain View Eye Associates *

It's a pleasure to highlight, introduce and recommend people who go above and beyond expectations consistently.  As well, it is wonderful to know men and women who obviously take great delight and pride in their work.

Meet Dr. Thomas Mahon of Mountain View Eye Associates.  He’s an eye doctor, but there’s more to him than meets the eye!  Dr. Mahon is an eye care professional with a heart for service.

Dr. Mahon attributes his values and his care for people to his Dad, who was a pediatrician.  Remembering his dad fondly, Dr. Mahon recalled the way his dad cared for patients and made their needs a high priority, even beyond normal working hours.

I can personally testify to the validity of this family value passed from father to son.  Just about 9 years ago our oldest son, in the process of removing his contacts, scratched his eye. The pain was excruciating, even after a dose of over the counter pain relievers.  

Unable to sleep, I called Dr. Mahon's emergency phone number and spoke with his answering service.  Immediately, he called me back, and after asking several questions regarding our son's pain, arranged to meet us at his office.  It was 1 AM when Dr. Mahon, as pleasant as ever, treated our son's eye.

Grateful for his care and his time, we've not ever forgotten this kind and extraordinary act.

Dr. Mahon is about as home grown as most who live in our area.  His family moved to Stone Mountain, GA when he was a young child.  Later, he graduated from Tucker High School. During the last portion of his professional training, Thomas Mahon met and eventually married Lan.

Mountain View Eye Associates
1786 Oak Road Suite A, Snellville, GA 30078
(770) 979 - 3456
The young couple, both doctors, moved to Atlanta, and later chose Snellville as the perfect location to build their current shared office building.  Our family has been pleased to visit Dr. Thomas Mahon, as our eye doctor, and Dr. Lan Mahon, as our family physician for over ten years now.  

Recently I asked Dr. Mahon, "In a nutshell, how would you wrap up your motto for life, including your medical practice?"  He stated with a grin and without hesitation, "Treat everyone like family, and I like family!"

My own family, the Brittain's, will testify this is true not only of Dr. Mahon, but of his entire staff.  It's a wonderful feeling to walk through the door and be welcomed by name...
like family!