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Thank YOU!

Thank you for the gift of your time today. My prayer is each time you stop to visit you are blessed with truth, and encouraged to keep going ~ one foot in front of the other, chin up ~ simply because you've been reminded you are on the road to VICTORY!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Guest Post: Persevering Through...A Journey to Finding the Treasure of Joy

Today I have the privilege of guest posting with Creative Home Keeper.  Thank you, Victoria, for this wonderful opportunity to share my journey with your lovely audience.
Also, I want to thank my good friend, Mallory Staggs, for holding my hand through the technology pieces, and for bravely speaking her younger voice of experience into my writing.

Blessings of GREAT JOY, new and old friends, on your amazing adventure journey with Jesus!


"I'll be happy when..."

It's a lie!  Subtly promoted by our culture, and yes, it is a lie.  We, as a society, value goal setting, achievement and self-sufficiency.  And truth be told, goal setting is not the problem.

In our quest for success (aka happiness)our focus can become so narrow we miss the beauty and value of the journey.  Furthermore, once arriving at the desired destination, we many times feel hollow, disappointed and quickly set out to achieve the next goal.  

Among my girlfriends, we catch ourselves in these sprints for happiness...(continue over at Creative Home Keeper...)