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Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 16 - Adventure*Journeying with Jesus*Gathering Manna*

SO, when my alarm rang at 5:55 this morning, I turned it off and made a conscious decision to sleep a little longer.  In the dark quiet I heard a gentle reminder, 

"You can't live on yesterday's manna."  

My next conscious recognition was STFM's alarm ringing.  I said to him, "Just 5 more minutes, OK?" He didn't even answer me, yet in the quiet dark I heard the gentle rebuke of my Father, 
"You can't live on yesterday's manna."

I understood my Heavenly Father; I heard Him clearly.  His chastisement was full of compassion and knowing, rather than condemnation.  Because of His great love for me, Father was simply stating the natural consequences for my current choices.  His desire is always for me to choose His best - to choose time with Him over anything else.

Though I heard Him clearly, I was rationalizing through my drowsiness.  I justified sleeping in, telling myself, "Remember, self, how much time you spent with the LORD yesterday in His Word, in prayer and in Bible Study."  I told myself it was OK...maybe even (did I really think this?) deserved to sleep in a bit.  

Even as I coerced myself into a wakeful state, I tried to convince myself I had plenty enough time with God (in reserves?) from yesterday to hold me over for today.  With the stark realization there was still coffee to be made, dogs to be walked and only 30 minutes until I needed to be preparing myself for work - Father's words pierced deep bringing regret to the surface.  I had traded my morning breakfast (manna gathering) time with Him for an hour of sleep.

My sadness and regret were not caused by a legalistic checklist, which would not be completed.  I had missed a precious opportunity to spend time, awake in His Presence, to hear from Father; a golden opportunity to be refreshed, nourished and cleansed before heading out onto the battlefield.

Desiring at least a light manna snack rather than facing the day empty, I hurried through my morning routine. Quickly, I sat down in my prayer room for a short chat with Father.  It wasn't all the preparation for the day my heart desired, and I didn't want to hurry through; however, I had placed myself in a place of lack.  Father had been there all along - waiting - and it was He who offered grace undeserved...His Giant Handful of manna for me for the day.

I opened my journal, grabbed a pen and quickly wrote these words....prayerfully, agreeing with Father over my poor choice, and receiving His forgiveness, His smile and love and JOY!

 Manna is for today.
    There is no manna left from yesterday.
  God's mercies are new every morning.
  Father is sufficient to meet all my needs & He is Big enough compassionate enough, loving enough to share my heart

  Nothing - No Thing can separate me from God's love.

  I'm sealed!  I have His guarantee!  Ephesians 1:13, 2 Corinthians 1:22
  I'm His girl
  I'm holy & loved, consecrated & set apart.

Wanting more, I left our prayer room meeting place to rush for work.  A difficult and good reminder of how complacent I can become in my relationship with Father.  Thankful for His loving correction, I plan to be up a bit early tomorrow.  Time with Him is so precious!

Blessings of GREATEST JOY on your journey, gathering manna for today!

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